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tv   Fox 8 News at 430AM  FOX  February 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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good at morning everyone welcome to fox 8 news in the morningd it's cold it's snowing. thanks for waking up with us. my new is wayne dawsonwi. >> my name is kristi what a night last night. this was the worst behind heavy snowfall is gone. a streak of lake affect a few miles farther it's very some no snow even into the evening there wasn't much clearing further so much moisture in place lake affect was incredibly widespread it'sbl been a little more localized this morning notice
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the cloud cover further west and indication losing the widespread moisture temperatures in the middle teensi the bulk of theul snow will face will see another couple of inches of accumulation of the next three or four hours a day at 12 or couple spots no clearing out near west salem at nine for current streaks of lake affect f several inch accumulation this is a very fluffy snow and eventually this was taper offfl as the lake affect should completely shut down by sundown
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friday and saturday with assault below zeroro thank you, scott. we're traveling 77 southbound approaching for 80. it is just wet.t. we'll take it further south along 77 and check it out if you are trouble in the weschler way i know we had a lot of blowing snow that caused whiteout conditions areow avoided the north marginal fromor the east five side couple of those are stuck in the snow drift there you have to get over to access it from east ninth. we'll keep you f up today all
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i 900 some critical. they halted in both directions more than ten cruisers month up to. taking to a nearby site. the trevor who narrowly missed that accident said it was just surreall myself of the crest of the health and we saw what they
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to pick stop. because the wind blows the snow right across thew reduces. visibility very quickly which is about to be careful if you're out in the areaa other news this morning police were called out the hotelswe more than 650 times in just the last two years it's unclear when thest building will reopen. a grand jury just indicted him on to brian on felony drug possession charges.
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trooper stuff i 71 christmasri morning he had prescription medication didn't not belong to him. founders is charged withth felony for anel improper handling a firearm in a motor vehicle. the key evidence was caught on camera ed gallek has more on the o troopers suspension. see cheaper walked out of court moisture of the drivers agreement for traffic court reacting. the ohio highway patrol did an
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when we saw this case indicated that the trooper who wrote the ticket wasn't there.dihe there moses motion to dismiss that the patrol sawmo he lied in court fighting he knew the lieutenant who wrote that was in the court asas he never told the judge to report saysto he was not trying to be dishonest they also did tell the court that the lieutenant was present. journal investigators as soon as he thought have an he admitted it does not look good. there were no benefit to dismiss it pinky shocking of the case she sees more to this principle to get s some integrity issue in
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system that three-day suspension for the trooper started yesterday we reach out to him to the highway patrol but h -- >> of the sisters gun after someone shot down its century-old tree in a northeast ohio townwn they cut down ten black walnut trees that impacted the painted in 1,910th the front of the city of barberton the trees had grown to be 50 feet tall with trunks morere than 2 feet biden we're originally planted to beautiful the estate. the historicalal society now owns the only they say whoever cut down the tree's new what they wanted because they only cut down this valuable black walnut.d
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be replaced.s and have anybody to grow to the normal height element they did not being realized that there been destroyed without historical society's permission.rm 4:30 a.m. you how tight things can get on the flight how one lawmaker isis working to get passengers a little more like room. find out what will be served at the fast food chain.nd outside of the traditional
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several more inches of
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she is on to reboot it won't bebe until august that she supposed to be this month the something happen. 4:42 a.m.e she canceled. tinges of the room with her i don't remember. i don't know. my wife wanted to go. maybe should take your she texted right before and that condit ended.
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see you in the front roww over them to for million south east policy to akron. we're starting to fade away in geauga county.y. as the snow showers will appear
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that's all will start to see thesese streaks of lake affect we can as we develop west wentnt later on it will be a littlee while before we shut this down. six favors temperatures last year west had 15 cold air is just beginning. between 22 and 35000. a little pieces that is going to
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start to see more lake affect than some lake affect friday night he could easilyld season-high 2-4 on saturday. it won't be nearly as aggressive for several be nearly nearly as much moisture.
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station new orleans 77 southbound. at the turnpike. just a reminder when you are near also on the north marginal enjoy the east five side. a few year close are in.
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go to the east. two deputies were killed after at panera bread restaurant. the suspect was shot and killed by law enforcement shares deputy in a pilot helpingng in central c california was killed when the small plane crashed on wednesday the small plane person the flames after hitting the side of
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it's too early to know city leaders say they don't have the money to make the settlement work. presidential hopefuls have moved on to south carolinatltl the twice as many votes as a second place visitor as john k-6. they want a new law to establish
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seatss burger king's newest menu item.g' when the company introduced its first chicken sandwich.he they will serve to versions of a classic done in the chili cheese dog. and has been decided to take the menu nationwide.ed you know i'm happy.
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